Building Use Form – must be completed for any event happening at any school
     For DVHS: Susan Mandzy at
     For DVMS: Sharon Eversdyke at

Effective sometime in the Spring of 2017, DV switched to an online Building Use system. We now need to go to to reserve space in any DV school. Please contact Elizabeth Lukan for the login information.

Please note that you cannot use the online system for ANY gym in the high and middle schools. They do NOT use the online system. You must contact the Athletic Office at (570) 296-1859. Call them first, get the gym, send in the old form to either Susan above, note on the form that you checked with the Athletic Office and got the OK, and then use the new online system to get any other areas you might need.

See for information.

Donation Form – used when we receive a donation so that we can give proper credit and value the item properly for our taxes. For example for our Tricky Tray items.

Fundraising Form – must be completed and sent to Mr. Lou DeLauro ( for any fundraising event, whether it is happening at the high school or outside school grounds

Letterhead – if anyone needs the DV Music Dept. Booster Club’s official letterhead, please contact Elizabeth Lukan

Parent Contact Info – these should be available at all meetings and events to gather contact information on parents and students, one is required in order for us to “bank” money for Disney

Return Address Labels – Word DOC or PDF – use for all your correspondence, has our PO Box, website URL, and email address on them, setup for Avery 8160 or 5160 templates, should fit any 30 labels per sheet

Volunteer and Donation Log – used at all events to track parent and student volunteers and donations