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Scholarship Winners Yet Again!

Posted: July 12, 2017 by Elizabeth Lukan in Scholarships

Congratulations are due again to our very own scholarship winners James Hoerst and Kristen Kelleher!

On Monday, June 26th the Broome Street Bands awarded their scholarships to both James and Kristen!

Congratulations! Very well deserved!

Left to right: Kristen Kelleher and James Hoerst

Left to right: Proud Mom Elena Kelleher, Kristen Kelleher, James Hoerst, and Proud Mom Deborah Hoerst


2017 Scholarship Winners

Posted: June 14, 2017 by Elizabeth Lukan in Scholarships

I am very proud to announce the 2017 Delaware Valley High School Music Department
and DV Music Dept. Booster Club Scholarship winners

Hannah Carlson
James Hoerst
Kristen Kelleher
Bailey Kislak

Hannah will be attending Sussex County Community College for one year and then Susquehanna University and majoring in Theater Production and Music Theory.

James will be attending Wichita State University and majoring in Music Education.

Kristen will be attending Marywood University and majoring in Music Education.

Bailey will be attending Berklee College of Music and majoring in Music Technology and Engineering.

Each student received $1,000.00.

On behalf of the DV Music Dept. Booster Club, I wish each of you a very bright and musical future. Each of you earned this scholarship because of your dedication to music, your school, your community, and your Booster Club. Do not lose that dedication as you leave DV! Grow it, because it will always serve you well!

Love, Mama Lukan!

Pictured left to right: Hannah Carlson, Bailey Kislak, Elizabeth Lukan, James Hoerst, Kristen Kelleher
Photo Credit: Deb Hoerst