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6/5/17 General Booster Club Meeting Minutes

Posted: June 13, 2017 by Elizabeth Lukan in Meetings

June 05, 2017, 6:00 PM, General Booster Club Meeting

Executive Board Members in Attendance: Carla Bogert, Ariana Cortes (Exec. Board Member to be!), Deborah Hoerst, Elizabeth Lukan, Indira Ramkissoon, Diane Sommer

Finance Update, reported by Liz:

– Not counting the DVHS Spring concerts which have not been tallied and banked, we stand as follows:
o Booster Club Operating Fund: $107.00
o Disney Trip Funds: $9,117.73 allocated to student’s going to Disney in 2020 which means that I have received their Parent Contact Info Form and $1,362.34 in the general trip fund.
o Jazz Guest Artist Fund: $656.86
o Scholarship Fund: $5,727.20
— Note that the checks for this year’s scholarship winners have not yet been written.

Booster Club Officer Announcements, reported by Liz:

– Effective 7/1/17, which is when the Booster Club’s year starts, the following officers of the Executive Board are stepping down:
o Diane Sommer, President
o Deb Hoerst, Vice President
o Both have seniors who are graduating this year.

– Effective 7/1/17, the following officer’s will assume these positions:
o Diane Sommer, Immediate Past President. The Immediate Past President is an Executive Board advisory role with voting privileges.
o Dee Ramkissoon, President. Dee will also continue doing her Marching Band coordinator duties. We couldn’t pry those away from her even if we tried!
o Carla Bogert, Vice President
o Ariana Cortes, DVMS Coordinator

– We need a new DDMS Coordinator now that Carla Bogert is moving up to VP. If anyone is interested, please let us know. If anyone knows someone who might be interested, please speak to them and tell them to get in touch with us. I will be reaching out to Ryan Curchoe at DD and asking if he has any one (or more than one) parent he could recommend.

Booster Club Open Positions Announcements, reported by Liz:

– We have the following open Committee positions effective immediately:

o Cartridges for Kids
— Committee Chair needed.
— A Waste Management company, Cartridges for Kids allows us to collect laser and inkjet cartridges, cell phones, laptops and notebooks, iPods and MP3 players, tablets, and eReaders.
— The money earned from this goes to our Operating Fund.
— Without a dedicated person to run this, it has been neglected. We could promote it to get drop offs at each of our events and remind everyone of that, we could put drop off boxes in every school office. We could expand out into the community.

o DV Alumni
— Committee Chair needed.
— We are creating a DV Alumni Newsletter.
— We want to send them the DV Music Dept. calendar, invite them back to school events, and more.
— Would be responsible for maintaining and growing the DV Alumni mailing list.
— Would work in concert with the Scholarship Committee as we want to add the DV Alumni to the scholarship mailing list as well in the hope that one day, when they are out of college, they may remember DV and send a donation back to those who supported them way back when.
— Everything we do and send will be opt out and any request to no longer receive mailings from us will be honored!

o Event Marketing
— Our current Committee Chair is Emma Galasso, but I am not sure if she is continuing next year.
— Additional help is needed to handle:
• the writing and distribution of press releases before and after events
• submit events to local community calendars, newspapers, radio stations
• share events across local Facebook groups

o General Fundraising
— Committee Chair needed.
— Could incorporate Cartridges for Kids as well if a separate Committee Chair for that isn’t found.
— We have a number of small fundraisers that run all year and could use better management and more attention so people are reminded that they are out there.
— We currently have the following fundraisers: Amazon, eScrip, Shutterfly, and Tyson Project A+ Labels.

o Hughes Fundraising
— Committee Chair needed.
— We will be running another fall and spring campaign with Hughes Products again next year.
— Would be responsible for coordinating campaigns from planning with Mr. Hughes to delivery and pickup by parents/students.

o Scholarship
— Committee Chair needed.
— Would be responsible for building and maintaining the mailing list of local businesses and professionals.
— A letter and documentation packet needs to be prepared and maintained.
— The letter will serve double duty as it will be used to also request donations for the Tricky Tray as an alternative to a monetary donation to the Scholarship Fund. This has served us well in the past.

o Tricky Tray
— Committee Chair needed.
• Diane Sommer volunteered.
— Would be responsible for all aspects of event planning including:
• requesting donations locally
• searching for and completing forms online to request donations
• planning concessions and other activities happening during the Tricky Tray

o Vendor & Craft Fair
— Committee Chair is Liz Lukan.
— Additional help is needed to plan and manage the event in the following areas:
• Concessions
• Kids Games
• Merchandise
• Entertainment (performances by DV ensembles, student groups, individuals, etc.)
• Event Advertising / Marketing

– If you are interested in chairing or co-chairing, please let us know. If you just want to get more involved in a particular event, please reach out. Every little bit goes a long way!

Concert Concessions, reported by Liz:

– Historically the Booster Club setup concessions at the high school events because that is where we got started. We did a few middle school concerts when we could swing it in our schedule.

– Next year we would like to expand and do more middle school concerts. It isn’t fair to limit ourselves to the high school since we are raising funds for sixth graders and up.

– To do that, we need more families to get involved.

– The best way for this to happen is if high school students and parents volunteer at middle school concerts and middle school students and parents volunteer at high school concerts. That way no one is missing their kid’s performance and everyone is earning money towards Disney!

– The Executive Board has asked Mr. Horst to reach out to the other Directors and discuss which concerts they would like to see us setup at. Look for posts on our website next year looking for volunteers and donations.

– Please get involved!

Disney 2020 Fundraising, reported by Liz:

– We have three years to go till Disney 2020 according to our countdown on the website! It will be here before we know it.

– That really is only two and half years of fundraising!

– The top three student amounts raised towards Disney to date are:
1. $526.98
2. $349.53
3. $339.55

– Note that the top fundraiser is a sixth grader who was not able to raise money last year.

– The runner up is a seventh grader who had a huge Hughes fundraiser sale in the fall campaign. This is also a student who did not fundraise previously.

– It is possible to fundraise the entire cost of this trip if you really work at it!

Events, reported by Liz:

– Vendor & Craft Fair 4/22/17:
o Our Vendor & Craft Fair on 4/22/17 was a success.
o I would like to personally thank all the student and parent volunteers for their help Friday night for setup and Saturday for the event itself.
o The vendors were overwhelmed by our children and their willingness to help in any way they could. I cannot tell you how many times I heard how thankful the vendors were for all the help they got loading and unloading and getting to their spots. You have no idea how much that is appreciated. It makes our event stand out. I hear time and time again that our event is a vendor’s favorite event. Thank you!
o The vendor fees from this event added $1,778.48 to the Scholarship Fund.
o Unfortunately the Booster Club activities (concessions, merchandise, games, etc.) did not do as well as previous years and the student’s only banked $388 into Disney and the other funds as they selected.
— Diane noted that you cannot compare the event to previous years as last year it was a two day event and we’ve done chili cook offs both of which increased our sales.

Fundraising, reported by Liz:

– Amazon Affiliate program, which goes to our Operating Fund, gave us $154.52 so far this year.

– Dining Out at Wayback gave us $433.00 this year which was shared across the Operating, Jazz Guest Artist, and Scholarship Funds.
o This includes the 5/1/17 date which was our second highest grossing date at Wayback ever. We should be very proud of ourselves because we made Mike, the owner, have to call in backup!
o Look for our Dining Out fundraising to increase next year as our Committee Chair, Laura Hawhorne is making plans already!

– eScrip, which goes to the Scholarship Fund, gave us $17.12 so far this year.

– We ran two Gift Card Fundraisers this year. One in November and one in May.
o Students who participated banked $344.71 into their Disney accounts.
o Deb reported that Carla Bogert will be running these fundraisers next year.

– We ran two Hughes Products fundraisers this year. One in October and one in April that got a little interrupted by a blizzard.
o The one in October was very profitable, banking $4,297 into students’ Disney accounts.
o The one in April banked $2,618.14 into students’ Disney accounts.
o Additional funds were allocated to the general Disney Trip, Jazz Guest Artist, and Scholarship funds.

– We will be running Hughes Products fundraisers in the fall and spring next school year.
o In the fall, we will be selling pies, cakes, coffee, and candles.
o In the spring, we will be selling cookie dough, and Made in PA.
o The cookie dough was the most voted on, but DD is selling that in the fall so we switched it to the spring so we don’t overlap our campaigns. We also did very well selling pies last fall and why mess with a good thing right before the holidays!
o Look for the dates to be added to the calendar over the summer.

Merchandise, reported by Liz:

– The Executive Board will be looking into new music wear logos, designs, and merchandise over the summer.

– Look for announcements on that next year.

Scholarships, reported by Liz:

– Senior Scholarships:

o I am very happy to announce that we have again met our scholarship goal.
o This year we will be awarding four $1,000.00 scholarships to graduating seniors.
o The scholarship winners were chosen by a committee consisting of DVHS Music Directors and DV Music Dept. Booster Club Executive Board members who did not have seniors this year.
o This Wed., 6/7, is Scholarship Night and I will be lucky enough to present them this year.
o Hopefully someone will get some pictures so we can post them on the website. Either way look for the announcement of the winners.
o Dee reported that the scholarship decision process was very fair.
o Dee explained that a rubric was created by Mr. Horst and stuck to that helped “grade” the submissions based on all the criteria set in the application.

– Summer Scholarships, reported by Liz:

o I am very proud to announce a new Scholarship Program that I have been hoping and planning in my head for a couple of years now and we are finally in a position to announce.
o We will be offering a Summer Scholarship for anyone who is NOT a senior. If you are a student who is attending a summer music program of any kind, please keep all the documentation, a copy of the flyer, application, etc., get proof of attendance, proof of payment, and be prepared to write something, maybe an essay. We haven’t worked out all the details of what we’ll be asking for yet, but we will be awarding up to four $500 scholarships in the fall for students who attend music programs over the summer.
o The only requirements we have set at this point is that you must not be entering your senior year, you must be in a DV Music Dept. ensemble, and you must be active in the DV Music Dept. Booster Club.
o It will act like a rebate or refund. You pay for the summer program, submit the application for the scholarship in the fall and if chosen, you’ll be awarded up to $500 sometime after school starts up again in the fall.
o Look for the official announcement soon via our website!


Don’t Forget! General Booster Club Meeting TONIGHT!

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General Booster Club Meeting
Monday, 6/5/17
6:00 PM to 7:30 PM
Facebook Event:

General Booster Club Meeting Mon., 6/5/17

Posted: May 25, 2017 by Elizabeth Lukan in Meetings

General Booster Club Meeting
Monday, 6/5/17
6:00 PM to 7:30 PM
Facebook Event:

February 2017 Music Dept Calendar

Posted: February 10, 2017 by Elizabeth Lukan in Band, Chorus, Jazz Band, Meetings

The following is the updated DV Music Dept. calendar for February 2017. Booster Club events, meetings, etc. are in GREEN. The full school year calendar is located at The   Facebook Event Link   icon links to the Facebook Event.


Tuesday, 2/7 – 4:30 PM – Executive Board Meeting at DVMS Faculty Room

Thursday, 2/9:
* CANCELLED ONLY THIS DAY DUE TO SNOW * – 9:00 AM – PMEA District 10 Band Festival (
* SNOW DAY / Status Unknown * – 6-8:00 PM – DVMS Talent Show at DVHS Auditorium *Note: This event is not handled by the Music Dept. and is listed here for your information only. Contact Vivian Bruno for information.

Friday, 2/10 to Saturday, 2/11 – 9:00 AM – PMEA District 10 Band Festival at Parkland Senior High School, 2700 N Cedar Crest Blvd, Allentown, PA 18104-9735 ( * Note Friday evening concert is cancelled, Saturday afternoon concert (2pm – 4pm) as scheduled.     Facebook Event Link

Thursday, 2/16 – 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM – DDMS Talent Show at DD Auditorium     Facebook Event Link

Friday, 2/17 – Saturday, 2/18 – PMEA District 10 Jazz Band at Oley Valley High School, 17 Jefferson St, Oley, PA 19547 (     Facebook Event Link

Sunday, 2/19 – Jazz Band performs at Steel Stacks Jazz Show in Bethlehem, PA     Facebook Event Link

Thursday, 2/23 to Saturday, 2/25 – 9:00 AM – PMEA Region V Chorus Festival (     Facebook Event Link