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Flower Power Fundraiser ends Thurs., 10/15!

Posted: October 13, 2015 by Elizabeth Lukan in Flower Power

Flower Power FundraiserDon’t forget, the Flower Power fundraiser ends on Thursday, October 15.

Send off your last round of Facebook posts and emails to get those last few sales in before the deadline.

Our students have already made $560 towards their Disney trips! Let’s add a couple more bucks to that pile!


Flower Power FundraiserTo those who are participating in the Flower Power Fundraiser…

After you receive the first email letting you know that you have been set up as a team member, you MUST set up your landing page. To do that, click either of the “Click here” links under the “Now here’s where you come in!” section of the email you received. If you don’t and someone places an order, you will NOT get the credit for it. That order will end up under my name as the chairperson.

If it happens, I will make every attempt to connect the order to the proper student and track it manually, but I cannot guarantee that I will be able to figure out every one.