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Hang Tricky Tray Flyers = Earn Credits Towards Disney!

Posted: October 18, 2017 by Elizabeth Lukan in Tricky Tray

Help us advertise the 11/11/17 Tricky Tray and earn credits toward Disney 2020 or 2024 at the same time! It’s a WIN-WIN!

As you go about your day running errands around town, please try to hang flyers or leave a stack at local businesses, or both. The more we spread the word, the bigger our event is, the more our kids win!

Here’s how it works…

– If an employee takes the flyer (I’ll give it to my boss, etc.). = 1 point

– If they let you hang it on a bulletin board. = 2 points

– If they let you hang it in the front window. = 3 points

– If they let you leave a stack of flyers. = 4 points

– If you come back and the stack of flyers is gone and you add more. = 2 more points

You have to print your own flyers! Black and white is fine!

You are not limited to the DV School District. You are free to hang the flyers in Port Jervis, Marshalls Creek, Bushkill, Hawley, Honesdale, and so on. If you travel there to shop and do business, then it is likely that they may travel to DV to visit our Tricky Tray, so feel free to hang a flyer if the business is willing!

Email and let me know who you are, who you are raising money for, where you left the flyers, and what exactly you did (they took it, you hung it on the board, etc.).

Remember to be honest! I’m trusting you here! I’m not going to run around checking what you did. Only the first one at a location is going to get credit which I shouldn’t even have to say, so be nice to each other!

You’ll get a share of the profits from what the Booster Club makes the day of the event from selling concessions, raffles, merchandise, and Tricky Tray tickets.

Here are some tips:

1. Full page flyers work best for bulletin boards and windows.
2. Use the two flyers per page for a stack to leave for handouts. Saves paper!
3. If you get the OK to put a flyer in a window, always hang one facing out and one facing in (back to back). This way you get the customers coming in and going out!
4. Carry tape and pushpins. The store won’t provide them for you.

Full Page Flyer
Two Flyers Per Page – Make sure they print right before you set off a hundred copies!


Tricky Tray Basket Donations Needed

Posted: October 9, 2017 by Elizabeth Lukan in Tricky Tray

I have setup the volunteer site for the Tricky Tray and begun to load it with basket ideas. Anyone interested in donating a basket to our Tricky Tray on Saturday, 11/11/17, please visit and sign up for whatever fits your fancy. I have also included a lot of “I’ve got my own idea” baskets.

All donations will count towards Disney or your fund of choice. Just let us know when you drop off your basket.

Visit to sign up.

I will continue to add ideas as they occur to me or get suggested. I will also be expanding the list to volunteers and other donations as we expand our plans. Please check back often!

You can drop them off the morning of the event or contact an Exec. Board member to make arrangements earlier.

Thank you very much in advance. The success of our event depends upon these donations.