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Disney 2020 Fundraising Account Emails Sent

Posted: August 13, 2017 by Elizabeth Lukan in Disney Trip

Cinderella's Castle in DisneyI have just finished sending all the emails to everyone who submitted a Parent Contact Form and has fundraised towards Disney 2020. The email lets you know how much money your student or students have raised towards the trip so far.

The email will come from our address.

The only reason you may not receive an email is:

– you never submitted a Parent Contact Info Form – don’t bother doing it now as you will need to do one once school starts anyway and I’m not re-doing all my spreadsheets just to send you an email with your student’s fundraising balance when you had all school year to send me this form

– you didn’t include an email address on the form you submitted – don’t bother sending it to me now, but know for the future that this is the only way you’ll get these balances

– I couldn’t read your (or your student’s handwriting) and the email address I tried to send the email to bounced

– the email address that I did have for you no longer works

Some cool stats:

122 students and families are raising funds towards Disney 2020 already.

$9,578.78 has been set aside for those students.

Keep it up. You’ve got just under three years to go!


Last chance to raise money for Disney this school year!

Sign up to donate or volunteer on:

Thurs., 6/1 DVHS Chorus Concert –

Fri., 6/2 DVHS Jazz Night –

Tues., 6/6 DVHS Orchestra Concert –

The spring concert season is upon us and you know what that means! Concert attire, late nights, parents doubling as roadies, and us boosters setting up concessions, merchandise, and raffles!

All volunteering and donations earn credit towards Disney 2020 or your choice of Scholarship or Jazz Guest Artist funds!

Sign up to donate or volunteer on:

Wed., 5/24 DVHS Spring Band Concert –

Thurs., 6/1 DVHS Chorus Concert –

Fri., 6/2 DVHS Jazz Night –

Tues., 6/6 DVHS Orchestra Concert –

Any student who gets a business to purchase an ad in the program for the upcoming Delaware Valley High School Jazz Festival on 5/5/17 will receive 20% of that ad towards their Disney Trip.

The percentage will go to the DV Jazz Guest Artist Fund for anyone not going to Disney.

DV Jazz Fest 2017 Ad Contract – make sure you complete the bottom of the form.

Event info and online payment links:

Facebook Event:

Going to Disney? Make sure I have a Parent Contact Info Form on file. Complete it online at