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Congrats Car Washers!

Posted: May 25, 2015 by Elizabeth Lukan in Car Wash

carwashI’m not done working my way through the event’s finances, but I cannot help but share the good news…

Saturday’s Car Wash was a huge success for our Musician Car Washers!

78 cars were washed. Yes, I said 78!

Over $1,200.00 was made. Out of that, over $700 was banked for those students who pre-sold tickets or whose name was given by the driver. The difference and the concessions (which I’m still working on) will be shared by all who volunteered and donated.

That’s amazing! You guys and gals were AWESOME! Make sure you remember to thank those you bought tickets from you!

We couldn’t have done this without our sponsors and the support of our community! Remember to thank them as well!

Our sponsors:
Breathless Beauty Organic Market, 108 Route 6 #2, Milford, PA 18337, (570) 296-2849
Cliff Park Golf, 155 Cliff Park Rd., Milford, PA 18337, (570) 995-1274,
DV Cleaners, 111 Hulst Dr., Matamoras, PA 18336, (570) 491-2008
Fort Knox Self Storage, 405 Fifth St., Matamoras, PA 18336, (570) 491-5595,
Prime Time Meats, 105 Wheatfield Dr., Milford, PA 18337, (570) 296-6064,
ShopRite, 10A State Rte. 23, Montague Township, NJ 07827, (973) 293-8207
Sweet Sweet Wonderland, 305 Broad St., Milford, PA 18337, (570) 832-9222,
The Village Diner, 268 Route 6 and 209, Milford, PA 18337, (570) 491-2819,
Wonderland’s Tea Party, (201) 274-4466,


We still have openings on our volunteer site –

We desperately need sponges and towels/rags to dry the cars.

All unsold car wash tickets and money needs to be handed in to me (Mama Lukan) first thing tomorrow morning. It MUST be in before 10AM when the car wash starts!

All volunteers should wear a music dept. shirt. Any music dept. shirt will do.

Any volunteer wearing a music dept. shirt will get half price food, snacks, and drinks.

All volunteers should bring sunscreen, wear sunglasses and/or a hat. Please protect yourselves!

All volunteers need to sign in and out for this event. Find me (Mama Lukan) to do so.

Car washers should not wear any rings, watches, or bracelets. You do NOT want to scratch the cars when you are washing or drying them.

Volunteers should park in the lot by the administration building (to the left of DVES) or in the lots by the back of the Auditorium. Please leave the main building lots in the front of the complex for car wash and vendor/craft fair customers. Vendors will be parking on the grass in front of DVES.