This website is intended for students, parents, and alumni of the Delaware Valley Music Dept. – Band, Chorus, Jazz Band, Marching Band, Orchestra, and all the various ensembles. We will use this website to help plan fundraising activities for scholarships and the Disney trips, and discuss anything related to our kids’ musical education.

This website is managed by Elizabeth Lukan who works closely with Mr. Horst, the DV Music Dept. Chair, to bridge the gap between school and home and provide support for fundraising efforts and event coordination.

We are hopeful that this website will evolve over time and be very helpful to students, parents, alumni, and our music-loving community.

Our By-Laws, effective 7/1/16.

Your Booster Club Officers:

President: Indira Ramkissoon

Immediate Past President: Diane Sommer, MD

Vice President: Carla Bogert

Secretary/Treasurer: Elizabeth Lukan

Historian: Lorelei Davis

DDMS Coordinator: open

DVMS Coordinator: Ariana Cortes

DV Marching Band Coordinator: Indira Ramkissoon


Your Booster Club Student Representatives:

HS Band Student Representative: open

HS Chorus Student Representative: open

HS Jazz Band Student Representative: open

HS Orchestra Student Representative: open


Your Booster Club Committees:

Cartridges for Kids:
Chair: open

Dining Out:
Chair: Laura Hawthorne
Members: Elizabeth Lukan

DV Jazz Fest:
Chair: Deborah Hoerst

DV Music Alumni:
Chair: open

Event Marketing:
Chair: Emma Galasso
Members: Elizabeth Lukan

General Fundraising:
Chair: open

Hughes Fundraising:
Chair: open

Chair: open
Members: Ariana Cortes, Elizabeth Lukan, Indira Ramkissoon

Chair: Elizabeth Lukan
Members: Ariana Cortes, Lorelei Davis, Deborah Hoerst, Indira Ramkissoon, Diane Sommer

Tricky Tray:
Chair: Elizabeth Lukan
Members: Diane Sommer, MD

Vendor & Craft Fair:
Chair: Elizabeth Lukan
Members: Carla Bogert

  1. Tera Colavito says:

    My son is in 5th grade and I know he will continue with music through his high school years. I am wondering if he is able to start an account and participate in fundraising activities. I have a daughter as well in music and if she continuesy that will make 2 going to Disney at the same time. I was hoping to get a head start on saving since eventually they would have the same fundraisers to pull from. Thanks

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