Hughes Spring Fundraiser Happening Now!

The Hughes Spring Fundraiser began on Thursday, 3/15/18. Your student in DVMS and DVHS should have come home with the brochures on either Thursday, 3/15 or Friday, 3/16 for 6th graders.

Following are the revised dates for the campaign. Everything got moved around due to the storms and snow days.

Thursday, 3/15/18 – Kick-Off
Tuesday, 3/27/18 – Orders due
Week of 4/30/18 – Delivery, exact date to be announced

Orders can either be handed in to your director or given directly to my daughter, Samantha Lukan. Sammi is in 7th Grade, DVMS Band and Orchestra. Giving them directly to Sammi is preferred as it will save the directors time.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure each order contains your child’s name, a parent’s phone number, and a parent’s email address. Please include what they are raising money for if it isn’t Disney. I will assume Disney if nothing is listed. Please make sure I have a Parent Contact Info Form ( on file.

For every 12 items sold, you will receive a 4-pack of Chocolate Whoopie Pies. Don’t add these to your order form as that means you are paying for them. I will take care of the freebies.

Please make checks payable to DV Music Boosters.

If you have any questions, please contact me via email at or phone at (570) 559-7042. Facebook messages are OK too.

David’s Cookies
Made in PA

Order Forms:
David’s Cookies
Made in PA

I would like to take this moment to extend a special thanks to Mr. Horst and the other directors. Given the storms, snow days, power outages, lost work at school, missed concerts, the list goes on… they could have easily said no, cancel the fundraiser. Instead they are personally handing out the brochures during class time. This is much appreciated and just another example of their dedication to our young musicians.

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